Rice cooked with chestnuts and pork.

Seasonal recipes to enjoy
autumn vegetables and
"Yume no Daichi"

"Seasonal recipes" that use "Yume no Daichi" and seasonal ingredients, the 11th introduces dishes using "chestnut", a representative taste of autumn.
It is an autumnal recipe that can be used as a dish for the Japanese traditional event "Chrysanthemum Festival".


The savory taste of the pork belly and the sweetness of the chestnuts
are harmoniously mixed together.
The carrots are shaped like autumn leaves.

Rice cooked with chestnuts and pork.


  • white rice: 300g
  • Chestnuts (kanroni): 1 bottle
  • Pork belly (thinly sliced): 120g
  • fried tofu: 1 sheet
  • Carrot: 1/3
  • Maitake: 1 bag
  • Green onions: a little


  • water:350ml
  • Japanese-style granular dashi stock:1 teaspoon
  • Cooking sake:1 tablespoon
  • sweet sake:2 tablespoon
  • soy sauce:2 tablespoon
  • salt:a little


  • Rinse the white rice and drain it in a colander. Drain the chestnuts (candy boiled).
  • Cut pork belly and fried tofu into easy-to-eat pieces. Cut the carrots into autumn leaf shapes. Cut the maitake mushrooms by hand into bite-sized pieces.
  • Put 1), 2) and seasonings into the rice cooker and cook. After cooking, season with salt.
  • Place in a bowl and sprinkle with some green onions.


  • Drain well in step 1) By draining the water, you can prevent the taste of the cooked rice from becoming vague and unclear.

Chestnuts, which represent the taste of autumn, are also used as an event food for the Choyo no Sekku festival on September 9th.
The Chrysanthemum Festival is one of the five seasonal festivals, including the Peach Festival on March 3rd and Tango no Sekku on May 5th. Nowadays, the Chrysanthemum Festival may not be very familiar, but it is an important event to pray for the health of one’s family, long life, prosperity of descendants, and safe farming. It is said that in the old days, people used to celebrate the autumn harvest with dishes made with chestnuts and eggplants.
Chestnuts are mildly sweet and easy to eat for children and adults alike. Chestnuts are rich in nutrients that are good for the body. In particular, it is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C and antioxidant tannins, which are good for beauty and health.

Please try making rice cooked with chestnuts and pork as a celebratory meal for the Chongyang Festival.




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