Completed construction of a new plant to serve as an overseas export base for “Yume no Daichi” brand pork.

Completed construction of a new plant to serve as an overseas export base for “Yume no Daichi” brand pork.

On April 18, 2023, Hidaka Meat Distribution Center, Inc. completed construction of the “Hidaka Meat Distribution Center No. 2 Cutting Plant” to further increase the production capacity of its “Yume no Daichi” brand pork.

The Hidaka Meat Distribution Center No. 2 Cutting Plant was designated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries as a “project to promote export of agricultural, forestry, marine products and foodstuffs” in accordance with the government’s “Strategy to Expand Exports of Agricultural, Forestry, Marine Products and Foods”. The completion ceremony was held on April 18, 2023. The new plant is equipped with the latest packing lines and equipment, which will greatly contribute to improved quality and efficiency. It is also expected to make a significant contribution to regional development by creating new jobs.

The completion ceremony was attended by many guests from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Hokkaido, the town of Niikappu, and other related organizations, and was followed by a preview and tasting event. IZUTA Junji, President of Hidaka Meat Center, Inc., gave a speech on how the plant was completed and his vision for the future, and the guests expressed their expectations for the company and messages about the development of local industry.


Outline of Hidaka Meat Distribution Center No.2 Cutting Plant

  • Location
    77-5 Nishidomitsu, Shinkan-cho, Shinkan-gun, Hokkaido
  • Scale
    2 stories above ground
  • Building area
  • Total floor space

New facilities in the plant.

We have built a production facility capable of processing 800 head per day in 6.5 hours.
The carcass refrigerator can hold up to 1,038 head, and automatic conveyance has been realized in the warehousing and shipping operations.
For partial carcass processing, a conveyor system was installed to transport by-products generated during splitting and de-bone molding to the processing room without the use of containers. In addition, as the first packaging line in Hokkaido, we have constructed a meat portion bagging line equipped with automatic bagging robots, which enables operation of the line up to vacuum packaging with the fewest number of workers.
This has enabled us to provide safer and more secure meat as well as improved productivity.

Strengthening Overseas Export Business.

In order to achieve the Japanese government’s export value target of “5 trillion yen scale by 2030,” the “Action Strategy for Expanding Exports of Agricultural, Forestry, Fishery and Food Products” was approved by the Cabinet in November 2020, and various measures have been implemented to date.
Hidaka Meat Center, together with Hokkaido Chuo Farms Co., Ltd. and S Foods Co., Ltd. are working together as the “Consortium for Expanding Export of Pork Produced in Hokkaido,” mainly to strengthen the production system to increase the export performance from 141 tons in 2021 to 203 tons in 2024, mainly to Singapore.

Message from IZUTA Junji, President of Hidaka Meat Distribution Center.


Eight years have passed since the establishment of the Hidaka Meat Distribution Center, and the processing capacity has grown from about 100 head per day at the beginning to 1,100 head per day now, thanks to the efforts of our employees who have improved their skills.

In expanding our second cutting factory with the support of the Japanese government, we have been very particular about one thing. We wanted to make this factory a place where we could showcase our Japanese technology to the world. Careful work is a characteristic of the Japanese people that they can boast to the world, and at the Hidaka Meat Center, this is demonstrated in the final process of shaping meat.

While retaining the good aspects that have been cultivated up to now, we have made it possible to speed up the process in areas where robotization is possible, such as packaging. We have been working on the construction of the new plant with the idea of producing more hygienic and safer products, and to provide people around the world with pork from Hokkaido. We believe that we have built a very good plant.

From here, all of our employees will continue to improve their skills and produce safe and secure meat that will be of great value.