We participated in the 2024 JAPANESE WAGYU WORLD AUCTION.

We participated in the 2024 JAPANESE WAGYU WORLD AUCTION.

“JAPANESE WAGYU WORLD AUCTION” was held in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture on April 4 (Thu.) – 5 (Fri.), 2024, and “Yume no Daichi” brand participated for the first time as a pork brand.

The JAPANESE WAGYU WORLD AUCTION is the only event of its kind in Japan, where buyers from around the world gather to bid on carcasses of Kobe beef and other regional brands of beef that are the pride of Japan. Following last year’s inaugural event, this year’s event was held for the second time.

The “Yume no Daichi Roast Pork” was a big hit on the eve of the event!

On the eve of the event on April 5, a comparison of national brands of beef and a seminar on cutting shoulder loin meat were held as presentations to invited buyers in order to convey the full appeal of Wagyu beef to them.

In addition, a presentation of processed agricultural and livestock products from Hyogo Prefecture and other regions was also held at the same time. Our “Yume no Daichi” team also served roast pork to the audience, which was a big hit! The 10 kg of roast pork that we prepared in large quantities was sold out in no time.

“Yume no Daichi Tonkatsu” was also very popular at the cherry blossom viewing site after the auction!

On April 6, the main festival day, “WAGYU AUCTION” was finally held. Sixty of brand-name beef selected from all over Japan were auctioned off, and buyers from all over the world were eagerly waiting to bid on them. After the auction, there was a cherry blossom viewing party. The combination of Himeji Castle, the cherry blossoms in full bloom, and the fine weather made for a perfect day for cherry blossom viewing. The “Yume no Daichi” team served “Yume no Daichi Tonkatsu”, which was as popular as Kobe beef yakiniku and sukiyaki, Himeji oden, and Kobe beef croquettes, and all of the 100 servings prepared were completely consumed.

We were honored to have the opportunity to invite people from all over the world to enjoy Yume no Daichi’s “Roast Pork” and “Tonkatsu”. Currently, Japanese pork is mainly exported to Asian countries, but Yume no Daichi’s participation in the JAPANESE WAGYU WORLD AUCTION provided a good opportunity for us to be recognized by people around the world, and for them to say, “Delicious pork is from Japan” and “Yume no Daichi. We believe that our participation in “JAPANESE WAGYU WORLD AUCTION” has provided us with a good opportunity to be recognized by people around the world and to have them say, “Delicious pork is produced in Japan” and “Yume no Daichi.